Vox Pop was written for the Common Sense collaboration with the now defunct Alternate Currents Ensemble in 1994.  The pieces were subsequently performed and recorded by the New Millenium Ensemble in New York.


Written for the ur-standard "new music" ensemble, "Pierrot plus percussion", Vox Pop is one of a lot of pieces for this configuration which try not to sound anything like Pierrot Lunaire.


It succeeds in doing that, at least.


Joshua Kosman, the San Francisco Chronicle critic described the piece as "pugnacious." Fair enough.


Score/piano part is here.

Flute part is here.

Clarinet part is here

Violin part is here.

Cello part is here.

Percussion part is here.


The recording is from TIC, the fantastic Common Sense CD with New Millenium.  


My advice: you should buy this CD which features wonderful pieces by the other members of the collective.  I think you will agree that the performances by the New Millenium are not just good but great.