Invisible Hand


Invisible Hand was a band I tried to start just before I left New York in 1995.  It included two friends from my days as a jazz pianist in San Francisco (reed player Bruce Williamson and bass player Larry Grenadier) and two newer acquaintances, Meridian Arts Ensemble trumpeter Jon Nelson and percussionist and composer John Hollenbeck.


The group played a few gigs at the Knitting Factory, Cornelia Street Cafˇ and the Miller Theatre before disbanding when I moved to New Haven.


The recording here, which is only the first two movements of the piece, was done at Seltzer Sound in 1995.


Invisible Hand ended up being my doctoral dissertation from Columbia.


Score for the first movement is here second movement here.  If you want to perform the piece, let me know and I'll track down the parts.


The page turner on this session was violinist Todd Reynolds.  Talk about high priced help.