"Gaze" was written for Tara O'Connor and Melvin Chen. The first movement was premiered by them at the Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society's Double Exposure Series in 2000 thus beginning a history of cancelled performances of the last movement, which is rather absurdly hard.


Even so, it's been done by three wonderful flutists and pianists, Tara, Patti Monson, and Ransom Wilson joined by Melvin, Peggy Kampmeier and Lisa Moore.


It now has three movements-Ransom Wilson having suggested a middle (slow) movement was necessary.  He was right.


The recording here is Tara and Peggy at New Music New Haven in 2001. They are in the process of recording the whole thing which should be released in fall 2007.


Here is a recording of Tara and Peggy playing the premier performance of the first and third movements. 


The score and parts are in here.  (Discrepancies between score and performance are due to revisions.)



Note: I'm offering these materials for free here. In exchange, I would appreciate if you would let me know if you plan on performing the piece.  My email is halle@bard.edu